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Challenging A Statutory Rape Charge

Were you convicted of statutory rape or another sex crime? Have you been designated as a sexual offender in Florida? If so, you understand how difficult life has become now that you have a criminal record. There may be hope, however, for you to remove yourself from the Sex Offender Registry under Florida’s Romeo and Juliet law.

At the Law Office of Michael D. Weinstock, P.A., in Niceville, we have the experience and skill that is required to help you apply for relief under the Romeo and Juliet law. Over the years, we have dedicated our time and resources to obtaining justice for our clients who have been charged with sex offenses. We will put this same dedication to work for you.

Understanding Florida’s Romeo And Juliet Law

Prior to 2007, the state of Florida deemed any sexual relationship between an adult and a minor as statutory rape. This included consensual sexual relationships between two teenagers, one of whom happened to be a legal adult. The consequences of this required the older individual to register as a sex offender, which often led to lifelong difficulties finding housing and employment, among other things.

In 2007 the Florida legislature passed Florida Statute 943.04354, commonly referred to as the Romeo and Juliet law. Under this law, you are able to bypass the requirement to register as a sex offender or sexual predator as long as you meet several criteria, including:

  • You and the “victim” are no more than four years apart in age
  • The “victim” was between the ages of 14 and 17
  • The “victim” has identified the sexual relationship as consensual

Fighting Hard Now So You Can Have A Brighter Future

If your situation meets the criteria named in the Romeo and Juliet law, contact us as soon as possible by emailing us or calling us locally at 850-389-4025 or toll free at 866-526-6762. You need a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to stand beside you throughout this process.

Our attorney understands the strict filing requirements. He knows which evidence must be presented and how to present that evidence in the best light. Our entire staff will aggressively seek to protect your future at all costs.

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