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Aggressive Defense For Damaging Sex Crime Charges

An arrest for possession of child pornography, Internet solicitation of a minor or any other type of Internet sex crime is an overwhelming experience that no one ever expects to endure. Many people who are arrested for these charges are good, hardworking people with good jobs, happy families and honest reputations. Even unproven allegations can take all that away.

Providing Relentless Advocacy When You Need It the Most

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage of your case is critical in order to ensure your rights are fully protected. At the Law Office of Michael D. Weinstock, P.A., in Niceville, we work hard to protect your constitutional rights and minimize the collateral consequences of your arrest, including avoiding potential sex offender registration.

Our experienced lawyer will provide the skilled legal counsel you need, whether you were arrested for e-mailing pictures containing obscene material or were busted in an Internet sting by an undercover cop. Our law firm offers experienced representation in sex crime cases involving:

  • Child pornography possession
  • Child pornography distribution
  • Online solicitation of minors
  • Any other Internet sex crime

Tactical Defenses To Child Pornography And Other Internet Crime Cases

Internet sex crimes cases, particularly those involving possession or distribution of child pornography, involve complex issues that inexperienced lawyers are not equipped to handle. Reputable experts are necessary to meticulously review computer files and other evidence the prosecution intends to use to convict you.

Factors such as date and time of access points, validity of the files, how the files were obtained and other information can be crucial to building your criminal defense strategy. For example, if others had access to your computer or electronic device, it is conceivable that you didn’t even know the files were on your computer. In order to obtain a conviction for child pornography possession, the prosecution must prove that you possessed the materials AND that you had the intent to possess them.

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We understand how frightening this time can be. We are committed to providing the relentless advocacy and personal client attention that is necessary when facing such serious criminal charges.

Contact our law firm online or by phone to arrange a consultation with a seasoned Florida sex crimes defense attorney. Call 850-389-4025 in Niceville or toll free at 866-526-6762 from your location. We offer consultations by appointment during evenings and weekends, and a member of our firm is available 24/7 for emergency situations.

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