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Probate And Estate Administration: Important Tools To Help Your Family

In Florida, probate and estate administration matters involve the management and disposition of your property after your death. If you have an estate plan or will, your assets will be distributed according to your documents. If you do not, they will be distributed according to state intestacy laws.

Laws regarding the distribution and management of a deceased person’s estate vary greatly from state to state, so it is wise to consult an experienced Florida lawyer if you are facing this difficult process in the Florida Panhandle.

Skilled Guidance For Individuals And Families

At the Niceville Law Office of Michael D. Weinstock, P.A., we guide families through probate processes, focusing on making each step of the process as simple and efficient as possible for our clients. We provide estate planning and probate services to Florida residents as well as out-of-state clients who are dealing with probate matters in Florida.

Our skilled attorney will guide you through all phases of the process, including:

  • Verifying the will
  • Taking an estate inventory
  • Notifying creditors and all interested parties
  • Paying remaining bills and valid debts
  • Resolving will contests and other probate disputes
  • Establishing guardians for minor children (often named in the will)
  • Preparing and filing taxes
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries as named in the will
  • Conducting a final inventory and closing the estate

What Is The Difference Between A Formal And A Summary Administration?

When an individual who owns property in the state of Florida dies, his or her assets must pass through either formal or summary administration. If the estate is valued at less than $75,000 (once the homestead is subtracted), the estate can typically be administered through the relatively straightforward summary administration process. Those valued more than $75,000 must pass through formal administration.

Let Us Help You Help Your Family

If you do not have a will or an estate plan, let us help you establish one, providing you and your family with peace and security about the years ahead.

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