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Paternity Establishes Rights And Responsibilities

Every parent has certain rights and responsibilities regarding their relationship with and the financial support of their children. Those rights and responsibilities exist whether or not the parents are married.

If the father of the child is known, he is entitled to complete parental rights. He is also responsible for child support and other considerations related to the health and welfare of the child. If the father is not known, it can create some potentially complex family law issues.

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At the Niceville, Florida, Law Office of Michael D. Weinstock, P.A., we have worked with many clients needing help with paternity issues. Whether you are a father trying to prove paternity to gain father’s rights, a mother seeking help with child support or the alleged father of a child to whom you have no relation or responsibility, we can help you with custody, support and visitation rights.

In any paternity action, whether initiated by the father or by the mother, a DNA test can provide legal proof of the identity of the father. Your attorney can help to ensure that the right tests are ordered and that they are administered properly. We can help you resolve all related issues, including parenting plans and child support.

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